DC Universe: The Gray Ghost

Being such a huge comic book fan, it should come as no surprise that in my youth I was blown away by the Batman: The Animated Series that was aired on the Fox channel during the weekday. One episode in particular was right up my alley, Beware the Gray Ghost, a fictional show that a young Bruce Wayne was a fan of that was a bit of Green Hornet and the Shadow rolled up into one. The greatest part about that episode is that the voice of the Gray Ghost was none other than Adam West, a former Batman himself.

Here from Ty Templeton’s Blog is a strip he did for ConEdison featuring none other than the Gray Ghost. Ty Templeton was the artist for the Batman Adventures comic and it was incredible!

Well that TV show was released over the air back in the early 90’s. Imagine my shock last evening when I was at my local Target and stumbled upon a DC Universe 3-Pack that contained the Joker, Batman, and the Gray Ghost! A huge thanks to Dan Curto from Cool Toy Review for this awesome photo he took of the Gray Ghost toy!


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