RoboCop for the Game Boy is possibly one of the better version of the game I have played. Following the set run ‘n’ gun style of the other versions. It still features many elements that are seen in previous ports, including similar levels and side challenges. With the only majorly glaring difference been that it’s now portable on the Game Boy.

It still features the same spine crunching difficulty but at least has better controls compared to the C64 version.

Graphically the game looks all right on the little Game Boy screen. Levels seem nicely detailed. As do RoboCop himself and the masses of bad guys available. But on the later levels there is quite a substantial amount of graphical glitches. I am not sure if this is a programming error or hardware issue. But when the screen gets busy with bad guys, bullets and junk the screen flickers and goes semi-nuts. While not a game breaker it is slightly annoying.

Much like in the C64 version, Jonathan Dunn once again lends his musical skills to this game with some success. It features the same musical score as the C64 version, for the title and second level, with a couple of added pieces for other levels.

RoboCop for the Game Boy is a pretty decent game for the mighty handheld. It features decent music, decent graphics, decent controls and decent gameplay. But it’s just too hard and unforgiving for average gamers. There is just one single life which means memorisation is key for this title. But even then you might hit the limits of your skills, as some sections require immense amounts of it to get through.

Also the game doesn’t feature any great depth, not too uncommon with tie-in’s but still a letdown in this case. Meaning boredom may ensue if played for too long and replay value gets shot in the foot.

But the game is still entertaining for small periods of time. And is perfect for maybe short bus, train and car journeys, obviously if your not driving. So with that I give this game a reasonable 3 out of 5 stars.

Buy it if your interested or leave it if your not.


I grew up in the magical 8-bit era of computers and consoles. I saw the games crash and saw the recovery from it with the NES. I will always have my trusty C64 in my office and when the need arises I will pop a tape in the Datasette and play some classic games. With a wealth of knowledge, especially on old-school rpg's, I hope to bring it to you. The viewers of

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