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Devo…With Unicorn!

How do you make any Devo song better? Well, you are correct, you can’t actually make a Devo song better because how can you top perfection? But you can certainly take a new approach to one of their beloved songs. Thanks to YouTube you can now watch the Serenading Unicorn […]


RoboCop for the Game Boy is possibly one of the better version of the game I have played. Following the set run ‘n’ gun style of the other versions. It still features many elements that are seen in previous ports, including similar levels and side challenges. With the only majorly […]


“RoboCop” Memories

I still remember the weekend “RoboCop” came out. I didn’t see it in theaters during its original release, but I can recall seeing the image of Robo stepping out of his police cruiser and the brilliant tagline, “Part Man, Part Machine, All Cop” in a newspaper ad. I knew I […]

Tron Cake

Tron Light Bike Cake

Melissa over at Cake Hero makes some great custom cakes. My favorite of her works are the ones that deal with pop culture themes of course. Recently she did a very cool Tron Light Bike Cake for a super lucky kid’s birthday. Not only does this cake look great but […]