“Angst,” “Misery,” “Pain,” and “Frustration”.

Four words that you see as soon as the game loads and seem to eerily foretell what you are about to play. As this is unfortunately one of the worst games that I have played on the C64. Which is a shame as this should have been one of the better movie tie-in’s available for the system.

This game is marred from the outset due to not only it’s spine-shattering difficulty. But also the fact that it’s full of bugs and glitches that prevent most, because there are some that seem to be able to complete the game regardless, from ever completing the game.

Level 2, for example, has a time limit that means it is incredibly difficult, if almost impossible, to complete without using a glitch. Another example is a later level where the graphics are all jumbled making navigation impossible unless you can memorize the route though trial and error.

The controls on this game are stiff and clunky with a certain amount of input lag thrown in for good measure. Which makes me wonder if Murphy has a Zilog Z80 running in his noggin rather than some walking super computer. Going up and down stairs also proves to be too much for Murphy, as every step seems to take an eternity. And you have to be stood in an exact spot before he will even attempt them in the first place.

Graphically though the game is semi-pleasing to look at. Compared to the ZX Spectrum version there is far more colour used and things look much sharper. However the characters all look generic and only show varied colours in shirts. Also everything, including human enemies, explodes when shot. Leading me to think there could be hidden explosives on each one.

Audibly the game features some great music composed by Jonathan Dunn. Including the rather spiffing Ocean Loader 4 music. Heard when the game loads from the tape.

*note it may take a while for the sound to come through because he is loading from tape. so be patient with it or skip along a little to about 1:20*

Unfortunately graphics and music cant hold the game up alone. Otherwise this game would get four stars. But this game is too much of a mess to warrant even one star. Which is a shame because it had the potential to be a good game.

As mentioned at the start of the review, it’s eerily profound that the game throws the words “Angst,” “Misery,” “Pain,” and “Frustration” at you on the title screen. Along with street signs that say “exit”, “pits” and “keep clear” on the first level. As if the programmers are warning you to keep clear of this rubbish from the very start.

So I am begrudgingly giving this game one star. Avoid at all costs.

Gameplay Video


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