A Couple of Changes on the Site

As you can probably see, the site had a small facelift. I hope that you like it. I wanted the site to load faster and more cleanly and still wanted to have some new bells and whistles and if you look around, you will see a couple of new things, including a slightly larger content area so that we can have larger videos and pics, plus some new ways to get to content in the right column. Oh and the new header (I put it on a diet). The site changes have been applied only to the main Retroist blog. I will now move through the other sections of the site and bring them inline with the new style and hopefully add some new twists to those areas as well. Here will be the order for the changes:

  1. Forum
  2. Games
  3. Television
  4. Podcasting

That is not in stone, but its how I see myself attacking it. Thanks for bearing with me while I worked on the site and perhaps made some errors that made it to the live site. I hope it was not too inconvenient.

I get emails from people asking me if they can do more on the site. First I encourage you to participate on the site and please tell your friends about it. Second if you want to be more involved and have something in mind, send me an email at retroist@retroist.com or reach out to someone else on the team (you can see their name and contact info in the right hand column). In the meantime, please keep Sharing and Tweeting and Stumbling them links and thanks for spending time with us.

Where else can you find the Retroist?
Twitter and Facebook seem to be the most active places not on this site that I hang out currently, but I am tentatively playing with Flickr.

Now if you will excuse me, I am going to take a nap and then go play baseball with a horse…
horse baseball


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