ReBoot the First 2 Seasons is Now on DVD

Welcome to Mainframe. Home to Guardian Bob, formatted to mend and defend. Join the fast-paced action and adventure as Bob and his friends — Dot, her brother Enzo and his trusty dog Frisket — fend off attacks from the superviruses known as Megabyte and Hexadecimal in their relentless pursuit of chaos and the destruction of Mainframe.

Known as the very first completely computer-animated half-hour TV series, ReBoot debuted in the United States on ABC’s Saturday-morning block in 1994 and has captured the hearts and imaginations of kids and gamers ever since!


ReBoot ran for a total of 4 seasons and during its original run and syndication airings it picked up a great number of fans (including me). Then in 2001 it finished a solid run on the Cartoon Network and was not show again on TV again. So fans of the show traded tapes or attempted to find mixed quality bootlegs. Fans were crying out for a hero to give them a solid title release. Enter Shout! Factory, which release ReBoot on DVD this week. They are putting out the show in two flavors. A smaller first 2 seasons release and a full fledged Definitive collection. I picked up the smaller 2 season release (now I thinking maybe I needed the definitive collection.) Not that I am unhappy with this, but I marathoned through Season 1 & 2 and I am ready for more already.

The show looks and sounds great and you get All 23 episodes from the first and second seasons on this 4-DVD set. Plus you get all new audio commentary by producer Christopher Brough, designer and storyboard artist Blair Peters and animator Zeke Norton. Not bat at all…This is high 90s animated fun, that I hope picks up a new fan. So if you like ReBoot. Order yourself a copy, sit back and ride that CGI wave of 1990 animated nostalgia..


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