The Octopus by Fisher Price

A vague memory slowly worked its way out of my subconscious the other day. A young me was playing with a toy at a pizza parlor. There were several parts to the toy, but the one that intrigued me the most was a rubber octopus. After a little searching, I found this toy. It was the Fisher Price Aero-Marine Search Team. Now I had no idea at that time what “Aero-Marine” meant (and I still had to give the “Aero” part some thought today), but there was both a helicopter and a submarine as well as some sort of cage, a diver, a pilot, and a treasure chest.

The centerpiece of it all, though, was the aforementioned octopus. The octopus was not only malleable rubber but also had a gradiating multi-hue coloration. It was the most realistic animal toy I ever played with. The most realistic killer animal toy I ever played with.

The octopus was featured in a couple other Fisher Price sets, including the Deep Sea Diver set. I guess it was too good a toy for Fisher Price to use just once. But I got it in the Aero-Marine Search Team set, and whatever adventures that Aero-Marine Search Team had involved that octopus. Anytime they went for the treasure chest, that octopus was there. It was that octopus, not the Aero-Marine Search Team, that was the real hero of that toy.


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