Saturday Supercade: Captain Carrot Toys By Joe Acevedo

I’ve stated before on the site that the first comic book series I followed was Roy Thomas and Scott Shaw’s Captain Carrot and his Amazing Zoo Crew. A DC title that had actually had Superman as a guest star in its first issue, as the Zoo Crew fought for the first time as a team against none other than the cosmic menace Starro! I have been a lifelong fan of the good Captain and his super powered anthropomorphic friends, until the mini-series Captain Carrot and the Final Ark…though from what I hear fan outcry has caused the ending events of that series to have been retconned…but that is a tale for another time.

So who are the main characters of the Captain Carrot comic? Well, I’m very glad you asked!

Captain Carrot: Mild mannered comic book artist, Roger Rodney Rabbit, is transformed into the powerful leader of the Zoo Crew when he takes a bite out of Cosmic Carrots, the carrots effected by the radiation from a piece of a fallen meteor that landed in the carrot box, though the effects only last 24 hours and when exerted the powers diminish more rapidly.

Pig Iron: Peter Porkchops was a steel mill worker that was beaned on the head by a meteor fragment, causing him to tumble into the vat of molten steel, when he emerged he found himself now the “Swine of Steel”.

Alley-Kat-Abra: Felina Furr was a martial arts instructor by day and student of the occult by night. When a meteor fragment landed in her meditating urn she found her powers increased. With the aid of her wand, “Magic Wanda”, she brought her mystical might to bear on the foes of the Zoo Crew.

Rubberduck: None other than famous Follywood actor, Byrd Rentals, was given powers of elongation when a meteor fragment (See how all of the heroes are connected yet?) landed in his hot tub.

Yankee Poodle: Rova Barkitt was another famous Follywood celebrity who was interviewing Byrd when she was hit on the head with another fragment of the meteor. Rova gained the ability to project a repelling force with one hand and an attraction force with the opposite hand.

Fastback: Timmy Joe Terrapin from the Okey-Dokey swamps while trying to catch a bus to Kornsas City was yet another soul who was struck by a fragment of a radioactive meteor, and the turtle who could never get anywhere on time found himself with superchelonian speed.

Just today I stumbled on Joe Acevedo’s custom figure site and what funny animal team did I see there?

So I had no choice but to send him a blank check with my name on it. All joking aside I believe there are quite a few Zoo Crew fans out there and it is a sad shame that DC has been unable to get a complete collection of the comics on the shelves for us to buy.

Update: I just realized that another character was in the picture, Little Cheese, a character that appeared later in the series. Also check out the DC Universe plastic figure stands below the character’s feet. Nice touch!


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