TV Thursday: Misfits Of Science (1985-1986)

As most of you are aware of, I am a huge comic book fan, so when I saw the advertisement for Misfits of Science I began to mark the days off my calendar until its debut.

Though there was a small problem, my family and I watched Dallas on Friday evenings and we only had the one color television…so I had to sit in the backroom with the black and white TV when Misfits finally aired. I loved it! Though it would seem that I was possibly the only one as the series only lasted from October 1985 to February 1986. I remember talking to some of my fellow students at school on the Monday after its debut and they seemed far less impressed with the show than I was.

The show dealt with Dr. Billy Hayes (Dean Paul Martin) who is a research scientist at the Humanidyne Institute. The Institute specializes in human anomalies, humans that are gifted with extra abilities that set them above the norm of society. Which even then made me immediately think of Marvel’s X-Men comics!

Dr. Hayes ends up ‘recruiting’ a team of ‘human anomalies’ like Dr. Elvin Lincoln (Kevin Peter Hall) a fellow colleague that can shrink to eleven inches for a short amount of time. Johnny Bukowski (Mark Thomas Miller), a rock and roll musician who was electrocuted and gained super speed as well as the ability to generate lightning bolts, and finally Gloria Dinallo (Courtney Cox) who has telekinetic powers. Theoretically they gain another member of the team with Arnold Beifneiter at the end of the pilot episode, a man who can freeze anything he touches due to being placed in cryogenic sleep in 1937. His nickname was Iceman…and Marvel had an obvious issue with that so the producers of the show cut out his character after the pilot. The series also had Jennifer Holmes and Max Wright in the cast.


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  1. Kevin Peter Hall was also the Predator and I think Harry from Harry & the Hendersons. I remember him shrinking, being put into an envelope, and coming out naked in an office of some sort. I also remember the electric guy having to shoot off electricty periodically because it would build up in his system.

  2. Courtney Cox, wow! I missed this show completely, but the opening title sequence is so 80’s. I had a similar experience in my home with having only one color television, so I was forced on several occasions to watch something on the 8″ B&W set upstairs. I have great memories of sitting at the kitchen counter on a barstool while watching King Kong vs. Godzilla, Gorath and The Creature Returns. Of course, half of what I watched was B&W anyway, but even old giant monster movies deserved the comfort of couch viewing on a larger screen!

    P.S. LOVE Kevin Peter Hall! He may have as many TV credits as Christopher Lee has movie credits. The man was EVERYWHERE!

  3. I loved this when it aired! I recall lightning boy being at a substation and being able to constantly recharge and unleash all hell…THANK YOU! Hooked on Hardtime on Planet Earth at the moment.

  4. I had forgotten all about this show. As a UK viewer, I think we got a straight-to-VHS movie rather than the full series but I remember being glued to the screen when I watched it. Alas now it all seems to hokey :)

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