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JoeDios is a Great Online Source of GI Joe Dioramas

When I was a kid I spent most of my days setting up elaborate toy fighting sequences with my various action figures. It was all the fun of owning the figures to me. Even when I browsed catalogs, I would be looking for ideas on how I should set them up.

This often meant that I never actually played with the toys in the traditional sense. No rolling my tanks around or smashing figures together to simulate fights. It was all about the setup and by the time the setup was done, it would be too late to play with them and I would start over the next day trying to concoct the layout for a more epic battle that would never happen.

Even nowadays I enjoy looking at them which is how I stumbled across JoeDios, which is an online resource dedicated to mostly GI Joe based dioramas. If action figures standing at attention in neat columns and toy helicopters hanging from wires is something you enjoy drop by JoeDios today.


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