Questprobe Featuring Spider-Man (1985)

Questprobe Featuring Spider-Man (1985)

This Z-Machine Wednesday we are keeping with the fantastic Questprobe series by Scott Adams and I want to give a very big thanks to the Gaming After 40 blog for most of the images below as well as for jogging my memory concerning these Marvel Comic early text/graphic adventures!

I did far better at finding the second title in the Questprobe series than I had with the Hulk, almost as soon as I was done with the the Ol’ Jade Jaws adventure I found the Spider-Man game at my local Sears. No need this time to have to resort to my Grandmother, I was able to walk out of the store with a minimum of fuss, and less than an hour later I was back home in front of my C-64 and I was ready for my spider-sense to tingle!

I also found myself doing far better at the game than I had with the first Questprobe game. Of course by reading the copyright credits I learned I was going to be facing a pretty impressive roster of Spidey villains. With the likes of the Ringmaster, Electro, Hydro-Man, Sandman, Mysterio (Yay!), Doctor Octopus, and the Lizard. There was also a mention of the Chief Examiner and Madame Web, I had to run and go get my Marvel Universe comics to do some quick research on her, glad to read that she wasn’t a villain but a type of seer when you get down to it.

Yet again you are tasked by the Chief Examiner (Scott Adams) to collect the available gems that are hidden and protected throughout the building by various traps and dastardly villains. The game takes place in the Daily Bugle and while I did get stuck on some of the puzzles it seems like there was an upgrade in the parser recognition because it certainly seemed easier to use than on the Hulk, as Gaming After 40 points out on his site as well. It allowed for easier commands to get your tasks done.

I really enjoyed this title, I felt like I was actually helping Spider-Man in one of his comic book adventures. I did enjoy the Hulk but I guess I just feel that Spidey is better suited for a text/graphic puzzle game. Make sure to follow the link to the Gaming After 40 blog when you get the time, it is full of a bunch of entertaining items, like other classic text adventure reviews and even incredible things like Q*bert Merchandise!


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  1. Huzzah! Maybe this time I’ll have more luck than with Questprobe’s Hulk.
    I liked the other one well enough, but the trial-and-error back-to-square-one thing irked me early on (too much caffeine in me).
    And Hulk doesn’t seem like the gem-collecting type.

    But yeah, Spidey is more up my alley.

    And I’m thrilled Boxer worked out (for the most part) on my system.

  2. I’ll give you a hint with Hydro-Man, Atari. Find the thermostat. For some reason that is one of the puzzles that really had me stumped, thankfully my Grandmother was there to give me sage advice.

    Congrats on Boxer, by the way! :)

  3. Madame Web!

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