Roger Corman Double Feature – Big Bad Mama I and II on DVD

If you have not spent a weekend afternoon watching Roger Corman films, you have not really need to rethink how you spend your weekend. I have been picking up the Shout! Factory releases of Roger Corman classics and saving them up just to be able to spend sleepy weekends in just such a way. This weekend I tackled two doubles features. The first of them was the Angie Dickinson crimefest, “Big Bad Mama” and its sequel, “Big Bad Mama II”.

big bad mamma

Both films are a lot of fun to watch with schlocky action and dialogue, both of which are elevated by Roger Corman’s nearly uncanny ability to find the most talented people when they are on their way up in the world. In the case of Part I (the better of the two), in addition to Angie Dickinson, you get the added treat of William Shatner and Tom Skerritt.

The plot is pretty straight forward. Dickinson plays Wilma McClatchie, a tough woman who takes over her late lover’s bootlegging business. That does not turn out to be the money-making operation that she hoped, so she hooks up with Tom Skerritt, who is a bank robber. He invites Wilma and her daughters to join him on a heist. The crime spree continues and Wilma recruits Shatner (a classy gambler), to pull of a kidnapping. If it seems a bit “all over the place”, that is because it is and that makes it all the more enjoyable to watch.

In Part II the story of Wilma and her nubile daughters continues. This time Wilma has to face off against an evil rich guy who is foreclosing on her home. Revenge of course, is not very straightforward, as Wilma and her daughter turn the rich guy’s son into a gangster and discredit his political career.

Roger Corman films are not for everyone, but if you like B-movies, the Big Bad Mama films will be a real treat. So order your copy today at


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