Imperial Propaganda Poster By Gattadonna

A big thanks to Gattadonna also known as Cat Staggs from over at deviantART for this inspiring call to join the Imperial Forces and see some immediate action!


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5 thoughts on “Imperial Propaganda Poster By Gattadonna

  1. Very cool poster, Vic. Thanks for posting. And it reminds me of the first Star Wars, when Luke was going to run off and join the empire (not sure if that was in the actual movie or just the book). But that always confused me, because aren’t all the Storm Troopers clones? Seriously, I have not been able to untangle this. Anyone, feel free to set me straight.

  2. John,

    Stormtroopers were clones, but the other imperial officers were human. So if Uncle Owen ever did let Luke attend the Imperial Academy and he was drafted into service by the Empire, he would have been one of the green-uniformed officers you see in the movies.

    Luke’s friend Biggs Darklighter attended the Imperial Academy but then “jumped ship” and joined the Rebel Alliance. The scene between Biggs and Luke on Tatooine was cut out of the final cut of Star Wars, but was included in the Star Wars comic book and picture book (which were based on earlier edits of the film).

  3. Ah, thanks I.R. That makes sense. I remember having seen something with Biggs, and now that you reminded me it was, in fact, that old comic book adaption. I would have loved to have seen that in the movie, though.

  4. This reminds me of some of the in book “advertisments” in one of the editions of the Star Wars RPG by West End Games. One was a recruitment poster for the Imperial Navy and it a perfect parody of the actual US Navy recruitment, down to style, layout and even the text for the word Navy of Imperial Navy is the same as the one used for the US Navy in the 80’s. Need to find a link to the image one of these days.

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