Ode To Stinkor

I only had a few Masters of the Universe action figures. I had a Man-At-Arms figure from the Masters of the Universe line. I thought he was an aquatic figure because his armor had a flange that covered his face and nose like a scuba mask. I had a Prince Adam figure. The rubber band holding his left leg to his body had been stretched out, so I had to secure it to his pelvis with super glue so he could stand. And I had Stinkor.

I got Stinkor in a very unusual way. Some bubble gum company (I think Hubba Bubba) was running a Masters of the Universe giveaway contest. In certain packs of gum was hidden a piece in a special wrapper marked “You Won”. If you found that wrapper, you would win a Masters of the Universe toy. I had seen this contest advertized in a few comic books but didn’t think I had any chance of winning so didn’t give it much thought. Be careful what you don’t wish for; you just might get it. One afternoon, I bought a pack of gum, opened it up, and sure enough, staring up at me from the ragged opening was the “You Won” wrapper. I showed it to my cousin and told her I thought I had won a He-Man toy. She promptly told me I had won every He-Man toy.
This, it turns out, was not the case. After sending the wrapper into the bubblegum company and waiting six-to-eight weeks, a small padded envelope arrived in the mail. I did not contain every He-Man toy. Instead, it contained one He-Man toy: Stinkor, complete in package.

Stinkor was a skunk with a man’s body or a man with a skunks head or something to that effect. His power, naturally enough, was his smell. Stinkor’s smell was not merely suggested. It was actual. Nearly every Masters of the Universe figure had a special trait, and Stinkor’s trait was that he actually had a scent. A very bad scent. I would later learn that this scent was patchouli. But I didn’t know that at the time. All I knew was that when I opened Stinkor’s package, his stench filled the whole house. No fooling. The whole house! When my dad came home from work, he took one sniff and ordered Stinkor out, banishing him to the mean streets of Columbus.

Now I didn’t want to violate Dad’s order, and I didn’t want to keep Stinkor. But I also didn’t want to abandon him to the elements. As it turned out, I didn’t have to. The little brother of a friend was celebrating his birthday that day. So I merely took Stinkor over to this friend’s house and gave him to the little brother as a gift. And that little brother was thrilled. Thrilled for years. He would tell me years later how happy that gift had made him. I guess one man’s stench is another man’s more welcomed stench.


Doug is a child of the 80s who was raised in Ohio and is now living the life of oblivion in the bay area of California.

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  1. Stinkor was one of my favorite figures as a child. I never knew that his scent was patchouli though. Now I’m kind of curious as to what Moss Man’s scent was.

  2. So that was what that smell was. My friend has Stinkor and he kept him in his toy chest ina plastic bag, but it did not help. All of the rest of his toys took on that Stinkor funk after a time.

  3. Ah, Stinkor, you glorious toy! I still have him in my collection…and I admit the smell has died down somewhat but it still stinks.

    Great story, Doug! By the way, the card art on the back of the Stinkor figure was done by none other than the late great Dave Stevens! The creator of the Rocketeer. :)

  4. I won but didn’t get anything and waited the sic to 8 weeks

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