DJ Boy for the Sega Genesis

I had very little exposure to DJ Boy back when it came out. I did get to play it a few times, but found it to be a bit boring as Beat em ups went. I was intrigued later in life (last month) when emulating the Japanese version of the game and thought that I must have completely misremembered the Sega Genesis version. The Japanese version is edgy almost to the point of offensive, still not great, but certainly more provoking then the sanitized oddball that I remembered playing. I did a quick search online and found out that they did change things up for the American audience — Removing things that were too racy or even racist as to not offend our delicate American sensibilities. Of course when that is all that is holding up your game, and you remove it and don’t put anything of substance in to replace it, you are left with a more “acceptable”, but overall blander end product.

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