Dallas the Complete 14th Season on DVD

dallas season 14

You might have heard that Dallas is returning to television and that it will even have some of its original cast members returning. It is a great time to be a Dallas fan, not just because we will have new Dallas soon, but as of last month, the entire run of the original Dallas is now available on DVD. If you plan on watching the new Dallas, it might be a good idea to make your way through all 14 seasons of the original or take a short cut and just grab season 14 and find out how it ended. If you do, here is what you will get:

In its 14th and final season, Dallas goes out in a gusher of murders and kidnappings, lies and blackmail, seductions and schemes. J.R., Bobby and Cliff – three original characters so big only Big D could hold ’em – are at the heart of the action, surrounded by oil-country folks who joined the series over the years and a passel of dynamic newcomers. And of course there’s that Dallas hallmark, a white-knuckle cliffhanger. This time it’s a two-part finale inspired by It’s a Wonderful Life in which J.R.’s guardian from the great beyond shows the Lone Star State’s meanest rattler what the world would have been without him. Think everything’s for the better? Then you’re in for some surprises!

So get going and order your copy of Dallas: The Complete Fourteenth Season via Amazon and then get ready to set your DVRs to TNT soon.


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