Three 80s Editions

I’ve been planning on writing an ebook about all the stuff I had as a kid. I’ll call it “All The Stuff I Had As Kid” (catchy, right?). Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view), a couple of guys beat me to it.

The first guy is Mark Bellomo. His book is called Totally Tubular Toys of the 80s. It comes in both hardcover and ebook format. It is very picture-heavy, which makes it hard to read as an ebook but awesome to look through as a hardcover, and seems more like an encyclopedia, covering most of the major toys of that time in a year-by-year format.

The second guys are Matthew Robinson and Jensen Karp. Their book is called Just Cant’ Get Enough (taken from the Depeche Mode song). It is also picture heavy but it reads more like what my book will (or would); instead of documenting every toy that existed in this time, Robinson and Karp just talk about the stuff they had. Adding to the awesomeness is the fact that the book is designed like a Trapper Keeper complete with velcro flap.

In addition to these, Loren Halek has written a short ebook called Growing Up 8-Bit in which he discusses his memory of arcade, Nintendo, and Sega games of the 80s. It’s a first draft but an enjoyable read nonetheless. If you like walking through the arcade and seeing all the games you loved, you’ll probably like this book.

All three can be purchased at If you’ve caught up on your Retroist reading, I suggest giving one of these three a look.


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