TV Thursday: The Jeffersons (1975-1985)

In my youth thanks to TBS I was able to watch quite a bit of the Jeffersons during dinner, sitting far too close to the television tube and eating off my Popeye television tray.

For those that haven’t had the pleasure of seeing the series it deals with George Jefferson (The Jeffersons originally appeared as characters on All in the Family back in 1971, though George didn’t appear until 1973.), a now well off owner of seven dry-cleaning stores in New York City, and his family who have moved from Queens to a luxury apartment in Manhattan. His wife Louise (Isabel Sanford) and their son, Lionel (Played by Mike Evans for season 1, 6-8, and 11. The role was played by Damon Evans beginning with season 2-4. The two men are not related.), were also joined by their maid, Florence Johnston (Marla Gibbs). While being less edgy than All in the Family it still had shows that dealt with racism, suicide, and gun control.


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