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So about 2 weeks ago I was going through the local goodwill and found a tape recorder for 3 bucks. I brought it home and to my surprise it worked. I played with it for about 20 minutes and put it on the shelf, not sure what to do with it. So last week I sat down to record the Retroist Podcast and I thought it might be amusing to do a low tech run of it with that old Tape Recorder. I started recording and 35 minutes later I was done. I listened back and it is all really amateurish, I hold the mic up to my speakers to play audio and I do zero editing, so a few moments of me being confused are on the tape.

I was about to record the show when I thought to myself. “I just recorded the show. Why do it again?” So I decided to give away that episode of The Retroist Podcast. I will not redo the show, so what you have on the tape. That is yours to keep. Do with it what you like. You want to destroy it, lend it to your friend. It is yours, so have at it. I will not re-record it or ever put it up here on the site. I did not even keep a full version of it for myself. I did grab an audio sample, so here is a little preview of what you will get.

Listen to the Sample

Now these shows require some effort on my part, so I would like for the tape to go to someone who is going to appreciate it. So to enter to “win” the episode, just send an email to along with a little bit about why you would like the episode. Maybe how or when you listen to it or something…I don’t know (please make your subject like “Gimme that Episode of the Retroist Podcast!”). Also if you have not taken the opportunity, please drop by iTunes and maybe rate the show and leave a comment?

I will lump together all the serious entries and then pull one at random in a week or so. That’s it. Best of luck to all who enter, the higher tech Retroist Podcast will return this week.

Oh and here is the tape. You cannot see it in the photo, but Dino just did an awesome kick flip.

retroist episode XXX

I will fill the B-side with a mix of heart felt loves songs that express how I feel when I mailed it out. I hope someone likes Phil Collins….


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