Dallas TV fans Rejoice! A “New” Dallas Returns to TNT

Man when I was younger, Friday night television watching was heaven. First The Incredible Hulk was on. That was followed by The Dukes of Hazzard. Then finally Dallas was on. Now while this may seem like a “Which one of these does not belong?” puzzle, I found myself just as enthralled with Dallas as I did the other two shows.

I got so wrapped up into the Who Shot JR. deal that I actually wrote CBS a letter and asked them to tell me who did it so that I could be one of the first people to write about it in my school newspaper! They kindly declined to tell me but sent me an few signed pictures, 1 with the entire Ewing Family signed by everyone, and 1 of good ole Jr. himself signed by Larry Hagman!

Well I just got wind that TBS television is doing a new Dallas show that will be focusing on the children of Bobby and Jr. I had heard that they were going to do a movie version first, and that John Travolta was interested in playing Jr., but I never heard anymore about it.

I will watch this new show and enjoy it for what it is…it won’t be on for long, but it will be a chance to get one more glimpse of what is left of the Ewing clan. The same clan that kept me riveted to my TV for over 4 years on Friday nights.

Man, I love that opening theme song!

The Doc

If it was made in the 80's it's simply better!Take Empire Strikes Back for instance!

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