Debbie Gibson and Tiffany Singing “Don’t Stop Believin” Together

I am not sure these mall pop legends did their homework before singing the Journey classic, “Don’t Stop Believin”. Still it is really nice to see them together and I hope they make many more SyFy movies together, so that their promotion train never derails. Thanks to Travel Blogger, Janet for sending this over to the site.


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7 thoughts on “Debbie Gibson and Tiffany Singing “Don’t Stop Believin” Together

  1. Whoa whoa, careful, Ms. Gibson is touchy about her name since she turned 25. She insists on being called Debra Gibson as Debbie is juvenile. Her words, not mine. However, glad you wrote Debbie, cause who is “Debra Gibson”..?

  2. Well Journey is almost as hot today as they were back in the 80’s. Of course they are on their second round of Steve Perry sound alikes, but I will say that Arnel Pineda does an amazing job of sounding like Steve.

    Debbie, pardon me, Debra Gibson is absolutely hot to this day. Tiffany, well not so much. She appears to have been ridden hard and put up wet.

    It was neat to see them in that SyFy movie together but overall that is not a franchise that lends itself to many sequels. Hopefully they will use it to springboard back into the music scene.

  3. Doug says:

    Tiffany is still hot, by principle if by nothing else. But when did she turn into Cher? Tiffany and Debbie Gibson were still hot enough to get me to watch Megashark Vs. Giant Octopus, Megapiranha, and Megapirahna Vs. Whatever this Saturday night.

  4. Well, I remember the weekend that Deborah Gibson checked-in to our hotel. She was here with the Monkee’s (Dolenz, Tork, and Jones) for a charity event, and the only CD I could get my hands on in such short notice was the best of Debbie Gibson.

    She was very kind though, signed my CD and chatted with me at the front desk for a bit. I made sure not to tell her what a crush I had on her during High-School. Ha, ha. I hope she and Tiffany will also make more Sci-Fi movies! :)

  5. Jeff L. Crowder says:

    She was going by Deborah Gibson for a few years there, but she has embrassed “Debbie” again!

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