Weird Al Has A Children’s Book!

A mega thanks to CNN for the heads up and excerpt concerning Weird Al’s children’s book, When I Grow Up, that hit store shelves today. Make sure to follow the link above to read the whole interview. As soon as I can break free of the ice and snow that has descended on my neck of the woods I am heading to my local Barnes and Noble and snagging a copy!

“”As my father used to tell me, the only true sign of success in life is being able to do for a living that which makes you happy,” Yankovic said. And what made him happy turned out to be a career that, Yankovic admits, no one in his family ever thought would go in the direction it has.

“One of the reasons I was inspired to write this book was because my career path was sort of circuitous,” he said. “I went to college and got a degree in architecture, because when I was 12 years old I had a guidance counselor talk me out of my dream of being a cartoonist for MAD Magazine.”

“He said, ‘Oh there’s no future in comics, you’re not going to make a living doing that.’ He said, ‘Well, you’re good at drafting, you’re good at math, you’re creative, why don’t you be an architect?’ So I decided, OK, I’m going to be an adult, I’m going to grow up, and this is what I’m going to do for a living.”

After three years at architecture school, Yankovic said, he realized it wasn’t what he wanted to do. With the support of parents who weren’t interested in pushing him into any specific career, but rather just “really wanted me to be happy,” Yankovic took a chance on his passion.”

With the help of Youtube and Harperkids we also have a video below with Al reading some excerpts from his book, illustrations done by Wes Hargis.


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