Marvel’s Power Pack Unaired Pilot


In 1991, Marvel Comics, in association with New World television, developed Power Pack. It seemed a no-brainer, take a popular 80’s comic about four under-age siblings who gain incredible powers and turn it into a live-action show for NBC’s Saturday morning lineup. They did make some minor alterations to the story thought; unlike in the original comic the children’s parents are aware of their superhuman abilities, Julie’s acceleration power were altered to movement at superhuman speed – she cannot fly, the “cloud” aspect of Jack’s density power was eliminated and he was now only able to shrink in size. The biggest visual change is that the children did not sport the colorful costumes they wore in the comics. Maybe this is why the series failed to get picked up and the pilot was never aired on television?

Power Pack Pilot – Part 1 of 3

Power Pack Pilot – Part 2 of 3

Power Pack Pilot – Part 3 of 3


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