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1990 Subway BMT Commercial

In 1990, I still had not eaten at any Subway restaurants. They just had not made it to my neck of the woods. I lived in Blimpie country and that’s the way I liked it. Still I was always intrigued when their ads ran. I kept thinking, “Subway? What they […]


The enjoyment of any game can be subjective. This is especially true when one is talking about “best” or “worst”. It would be nearly impossible to state with certainty that a game is the best or worst for a given system. Consider the Atari 2600 with its hundreds (or is […]

On A Quest

Movie time. There was nothing that made me happier during my middle school days than movie time. I looked forward to those days when the class would be filled not with lectures or exercises but with videos, videos shown in the dark either on a TV or a retractable film […]