Three Generations of Commodore Computers

A great pic by Raf DuPont showing three of Commodore’s “breadbox” computers; the Commodore Vic-20, Commodore 64 & Commodore 16.

Commodore Computers


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5 thoughts on “Three Generations of Commodore Computers

  1. Fraze says:

    Looking back at it now its kind of funny, I believe Commodores inention for the 16 was for it to be an “entry level” machine. But looking back now the 64 was such a complete and total package for a price that couldn’t be beat the 16 was essentialy useless. Commodore tried to compete against itself … and lost. lol

  2. @Retro Justin
    the C16 was released because Commodore didn’t want to completely leave the 8-bit era. Probably arising from the success of the VC 20 kept having even while the C64 was making headrows. Dont forget how slow the disk drive is, the C64 was thought to be a gamble (hindsight is a wonderful thing).

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