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5 thoughts on “Genesis Does! What Nintendon’t!

  1. Doug says:

    So that jingle will be in head all day long. My favorite part? “Sixteen bit ARCADE graphics”.

  2. Wow, 6 of the 7 games are “Somone ______”, (Tommy Lasorda Baseball, Michael Jackson’s Moon Walker, Buster Douglas Boxing, etc). With 5 of 7 being sports games. Intresting.

  3. It’s weird to me how famous this slogan is, since I don’t remember seeing a single example of these ads from back then. Videogames were the biggest thing on my radar, and I have lots of vivid memories from the NES era onward (and even some less vivid Atari 2600 memories) so it’s not likely I saw them and just forgot.

  4. Garsh/Retroist – I remember the TV commercials more than the print ads as well. They were run heavily when I was young. I was a Sega kid – never owned a Nintendo unit of any sort. I had Master System after Atari then went straight to Genesis and Game Gear. Love vintage Sega ads!

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