Dennis the Menace – Season 1 – Coming to DVD on March 29th

Fans of Classic Television Rejoice! One of the Most Beloved Series from TV’s Golden Age Debuts on DVD for the First Time. That’s right it is Dennis the Menace!

dennis the menace

Jay North stars as the well meaning youngster Dennis Mitchell, who loves his dog Ruff and neighbor’s dog Freemont, can’t seem to avoid trouble. Whenever Dennis tries to help anyone, he always makes a mess of things. Based on the long-running, popular comic strip by Hank Ketcham, the beloved classic television series Dennis the Menace chronicles the humorous misadventures of Dennis, as his youthful curiosity always managed to get him into heap of trouble, especially with his grumpy neighbor Mr. Wilson. Dennis’ parents Henry and Alice Mitchell were always on hand with love and patience but not necessarily the required supervision. Starring Jay North, Herbert Anderson, Gloria Henry, Joseph Kerns and Sylvia Field, Dennis the Menace celebrates the innocence and simple joy of suburban childhood from the 50s and 60s. In addition to the Mitchells – Dennis, Henry and Alice – this iconic classic TV series featured an unforgettable supporting cast including Dennis’ pal and classmate Tommy Anderson and Margaret Wade, a neighborhood girl with a crush on Dennis.

On March 29, 2011, Shout! Factory, in association with Hank Ketcham Enterprises, will bring the long-awaited Dennis The Menace: Season One 5-DVD box set to home entertainment shelves nationwide. Boasting all 32 original uncut episodes from the complete first season (1959-1960), this highly collectible DVD set is packed with special bonus features including new interviews with cast members, archived radio interviews with Jeannie Russell and Gloria Henry, original TV show promo and a special bonus episode from The Donna Reed Show featuring Jay North as Dennis Mitchell and Joseph Kearns as Mr. Wilson. A must-have for fans and collectors, Dennis The Menace: Season One DVD set is at $29.93 SRP. This DVD box set is now available to preorder at
,, and other online retailers.

Originally created as a comic strip by the late Hank Ketcham in 1951, the Dennis The Menace comic strip has appeared in over 1,000 newspapers in 48 countries and 19 languages. The television sitcom Dennis The Menace, based on Ketcham’s comic strip, premiered on CBS Television in 1959 and has been part of the American cultural fabric ever since. Throughout the years the character has evolved into animated series, two feature films, as well as the face of the Dairy Queen Franchise.

In-Depth DVD Special Features

* New Interviews with Jeannie Russell and Gloria Henry
* Radio Interviews with Jeannie Russell and Gloria Henry
* Bonus Episode: The Donna Reed Show featuring Jay North as Dennis Mitchell and Joseph Kearns as Mr. Wilson
* Original Promos


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