Saturday Supercade: The Shadow By Michael Stribling

Thanks to Michael Stribling from over on deviantART for allowing me the pleasure of sharing his awesome piece of Shadow artwork. Make sure to follow the link to see more of Michael’s work, he has everything from the God Empeor of Dune to Khan Noonien Singh to the Red Ghost!

When Sam Raimi get time to work on his Shadow motion picture, I can only hope that he’ll use this wonderful piece of art as inspiration!


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2 thoughts on “Saturday Supercade: The Shadow By Michael Stribling

  1. Spottedfeather says:

    They’re making another Shadow movie ? And by Sam Raimi ? Well, I guess that means it’s going to suck just like the Spiderman movies did.

  2. Well, Spottedfeather, I don’t think I’ll agree with you about the suckage of the Spider-Man movies…though I’m not too fond of the third film…but I know that way back with Darkman, Raimi originally had attended it to be a Shadow movie, he just couldn’t get the rights to the character.

    So when it gets done we might be seeing a very different take of the classic pulp character. :)

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