Batman Secret Super-Micro Radio

The idea of retro styled transistor radio is really appealing to the kid in me. I once saw one of these radios (non-functioning) for sale at a flea market and I debated picking it up, thinking maybe I could fix it. I decided not to get it, had I seen it with the box however, I think I would have decided differently. Look at Batman on the under-lid of this beauty — rocking out to his local AM radio station. He is in heaven, as would I, if I owned the Batman Secret Super-Micro Radio.

batman radio

Batman Secret Super-Micro Radio [via] Hake’s


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2 thoughts on “Batman Secret Super-Micro Radio

  1. Dustyn Peterson says:

    Hello. I have one of these. Are you still interested in purchasing? If so, make me an offer. If not, that’s okay too just let me know! -Dustyn

  2. steven jones says:

    what battery does the batman micro radio use?
    someone i know owns one and is looking for a battery replacement

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