Are You Ready For The Kong Off?

On March 19th and 20th of this year there will be an attendance of the top ten Donkey Kong players in the world, they shall converge at Richie Knucklez in Flemington, NJ. to duke it out live on 10 machines for the prizes, money, and most importantly the bragging rights of being THE top DK player!

A big thanks to the Richie Knucklez site for the list below, the player list is subject to change obviously as Richie Knucklez has stated with the announcement.

1)Hank Chien
2)Steve Wiebe
3)Billy Mitchell
4)Tim Sczerby
5)Dean Saglio
6)Ben Falls
7)Ross Benziger
8)Vincent Lemay
9)Eric Howard
10)Dave McCrary

Ticket are now on sale for this incredible event at The Kong Off! The event will also be broadcast live on Sirius/XM radio’s “Virus” station.


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6 thoughts on “Are You Ready For The Kong Off?

  1. Is anyone planning on attending this event? It looked like I could get to go but at the last second the grail was snatched from my hands. Luckily I hadn’t purchased my tickets yet.

  2. It was great. The people were great. Richie Knucklez is crazy cool, in a great way. People who had never met Billy Mitchell found out the truth, and not all the lies about his personality. Remember KOK only starts as a documentary but ends as a movie. All 11 competitors are pals, not enemies. I wish they had this every year!!!

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