Friday Flyers: Frogger (1981)

The first time I played Frogger was not at my general spot that I played games, Showbiz Pizza, but at a local gas station. I remember there were a couple of High-School students crowded around the machine and I just kind of watched from the side, making it look like I was looking over the candy selection…which probably the made the owner of the station think I was trying to shoplift now that I think about it. Finally the older kids left and I quickly made my way to the vacant machine, only stopping to wipe my hands on my jeans when I realized the joystick was sweaty from the previous player. Yuck! I gave the game my best shot but it didn’t last too long, I did however get a little better as the weeks progressed, that is until they moved the machine out to replace it with Gorf.

As always a huge thanks to the Arcade Flyer Archive for the awesome scanned images below.

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2 thoughts on “Friday Flyers: Frogger (1981)

  1. vinvectrex says:

    Frogger is a truly great game – and the Atari 2600 port was excellent. I wonder if the designer of the Frogger flyer had some insight into the future. Because the 1981 flyer seems to include a picture of a 1992 Mitsubishi Lancer. Or, perhaps, the Lancer’s designers were simply big Frogger fans.

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