TV Thursday: Voyagers!

I have many a fond memory of watching Voyagers while eating breakfast on Sunday mornings, thanks to a local television station that awesome enough to broadcast it which my Father and I picked up with our TV antenna.

Voyagers! is about the exploits of time traveler Phineas Bogg (Jon-Erik Hexum) and his young friend Jeffrey Jones (Meeno Peluce), who Bogg saved from a deadly fall thanks to his time traveling device, the Omni. Bogg’s task is to travel throughout time to make sure that history goes the way it was planned but after visiting 1982, Jeffrey’s dog destroys the time travelers Guidebook to history. Luckily for Bogg, Jeffrey’s deceased father was a history professor.

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  1. I loved this show! And, not many people remember it.

    Though, it aired on Sunday nights on NBC.

    Perhaps when you watched it in the mornings you were watching reruns?

  2. I would say that is a very strong possibility, Sarah. Do you remember the episode where Jeffrey gets rabies? That really freaked me out when I saw it. :)

  3. I remember every single episode! I think my two favorite were when they visited Salem during the witch trials and when they helped Thomas Edison.

    It’s a shame that Jon-Erik Hexum died as such a young age and that it was a set accident.

    You should be a guest on our podcast sometime! Love to connect with other retro pop culture enthusiasts!

  4. Used to love this one!

  5. I vividly remember the Thomas Edison episode…I have this in my netflix queue….I might have to move it up a bit!

  6. I never watched this but is Jeffery the kid named Jason from the original Charles in Charge? It sure looks like him.

  7. @Sarah Thank ye, lass, for the offer. I’m not sure if my work schedule would match up with yours and Franklin’s though. But I’d be up to talking about Voyagers or whatever. :)

    @Rick I don’t think that is Jason, the actor credited for that role is Michael Pearlman.

    @Wings I love that Trick R’ Treat Icon, friend!

    @du8 Let me know what you think about that rabies episode.

  8. I love this show. I love anything with time travel. The concept for the show is cool but it contradicts itself. If historical events need a push where they are needed that means they never happened without the interference of a Voyager. If these events never happened then how does a Voyager know what is supposed to happen in order to fix it?

    The kid who plays Jeffrey is Punky Brewster’s brother or half brother.

  9. More Voyagers! Posts. You’re a real fan! Cool! :D

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