Atari 2600 Adventure Wallpaper

It seems so simple now, but this orange box and the dragons that lurked inside of it, brought me tremendous amounts of joy when I was a kid. Even though the orange is a bit hard on the eyes, this is now my wallpaper of the week and just looking at my desktop makes me smile and want to fire up my Atari and play some Adventure.

Atari 2600 Adventure Wallpaper


Garry Vander Voort

Editor/Podcaster at Retroist
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3 thoughts on “Atari 2600 Adventure Wallpaper

  1. Fraze says:

    AWESOME GAME!! I loved early 80’s game box art. I mean come on, you could never get away with that in this day and age. You know what I mean … showing something on the box that doesn’t even REMOTELY depict what the actual game will look like ;) Mind you Activision finally fixed that. Coincidentally, this was covered in Racing the Beam which I finally read over the Christmas break. Yet another great recommendation from The Retroist!

  2. Atari Adventure Square says:

    This is indeed the best wallpaper ever!

    I’m being purely objective here.
    No, really.

    I love this cover as it brings back so many good feelings of unlocking the VCS’s potential for hours of exploratory fun.

    The color is also similar to Reese’s PBC packaging.

    Would you believe I have walls painted nearly to this shade of orange?
    True fact.

    Great wallpaper.
    Did I say that already?

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