Realistic Mayor McCheese by Joel Fulker

Joel Fulker posted his very realistic Mayor McCheese on his deviantART page. He also filled in some details of McCheese’s almost frightening physiology:

McCheese is the elective Lawmaker and regulator of McDonaldLand. He is from a species of amphibious hamburger plant, and is capable of hibernating in a swamp sustained on photosythesis for two years. To do this he grows a leafy vine from the base of his neck which can be removed without discomfort. He can attract flies with a scent to get stuck on his sticky, yellow, lip-tongue. His mouth extends 345 degrees around his head as does his lip-tongue. He has no more reservations to eating from an ordinary hamburger patch than a human would with eating a non-sentient with thumbs (monkeys and jaberwokies).

Remember to join the effort to Bring Back Mayor McCheese!

Realistic Mayor McCheese


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