Donald Duck and Chip ‘n’ Dale in Out of Scale

This 1951 classic was directed by Jack Hannah and combines both my love of Donald Duck and model trains. It is one of the best Disney shorts of the 1950s.


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One thought on “Donald Duck and Chip ‘n’ Dale in Out of Scale

  1. Hey Retroist, this cartoon 100% had to be in tribute to ol’ Walt himself. There is a story that Walt’s daughter Diane told about Walt building his “model” railroad in his Holmby Hills backyard. While Walt had his Imagineers build the railroad for him, Walt was there himself every day insisting that every single detail was absolutely correct, and 100% “To Scale”. In fact his wife Lilly had planted a tree in the backyard that ended up being to close to the railroad so Walt had it dug up and moved to Disneyland so that she could see it every time she went to the park. The storyline of this cartoon mimics that story to a T.

    Thanks for bringing this one out of the mothballs. I still laugh when I watch it!

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