Join the Movement to Bring Back Mayor McCheese

We live in trying times. Around the world, economies are going crazy and the average person is sometimes struggling to just make ends meet. It is during times like this that we could all use the reassurance of a friendly and familiar face. Not just any face mind you, but the face of a timeless leader who saw us through some rough times in the 1970s and 1980s. A leader who is the unanimously elected leader of a magical place where hunger and thirst are words with no meaning. A leader named Mayor McCheese!

To help make this happen, a hub has been created, which is a jumping off point for you to sign the petition, help spread the message on Twitter and of course join and follow the cause on Facebook (check back regularly for progress reports). We will need 1000s (probably more) of people to make this happen, so spread the word.



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