Largest Retro game collection ever?

This video is just part 1 of an HD overview of the collection. For more collection magic visit brycecorp’s YouTube Channel and view all 10! parts. I would like to see anyone else try and beat this collection. Impressed I am.

Kill Screen 256

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4 thoughts on “Largest Retro game collection ever?

  1. Kill Screen 256, that is one heck of a video find! I wonder if this guy would mind if we all just showed up at his place with a sack full of pizza rolls? :)

  2. Milo says:

    I have know Syd for afew years and have helped made his collection even larger in the last few years and have seen it all up close many times. For me Syd’s collection is the largest I have ever seen and I cant believe how organized it is! And yes he dose have game nights every few months were you can go over there and play aton of retro games with abunch of great people! Always a good time!

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