New Tron World Record Score!

Another record shattering High-Score has filtered in by way of Twin Galaxies and this time it is Donald Hayes who has proven his merit on the Game Grid appropriately with Tron, scoring an impressive 9,120,000…and only using one life to do so! I think Kevin Flynn himself said it best with, “It’s all in the wrists.”

Until December 11th the previous owner of the Tron champion title was David Cruz with a score of 7,148,220 back in 2006. Twin Galaxies has posted an interview with Donald at the link above but here is a small excerpt:

TG: What’s your history with Tron? Can you take us through everything leading up to the new record?

DH: “Tron has always been one of my favorite games going back to the early 80s. When my local arcade first got Tron back when I was in high school, it didn’t take me long to figure it out and I broke 1M for the first time in December of 1982. I clearly remember reading a magazine back then which listed the world record at around 800K, so I guess I unofficially had the world record at that time.

My next big experience with Tron happened at the Funspot tournament of 2001. During the event, I scored my personal best of 4.58M and was recognized as the new world record holder. In 2005, David Cruz pushed the bar higher by scoring over 6.7M, and then over 7.1M soon after that.”

I would also like to add that Donald is wearing an awesome Space Fury t-shirt!


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