Trailer Tuesday: Magic (1978)

There is no trailer in my life that ever scared me half as much as the one for Richard Attenborough’s psychological Horror thriller, Magic. How bad did this trailer affect me at age six? I would be playing in the floor and since this was before the remote control this trailer would come on while my Father and I were watching One Day At A Time or possibly Three’s Company, Fats, the terrifying ventriloquist dummy version of Anthony Hopkins would make his appearance and I would hurl myself on the couch and cover my head with a pillow…humming as loudly as I could to drown out the voice. Heck, thanks to you can see that even the movie poster had a sense of dread to it!

Doing a little research shows that I wasn’t the only child to be affected by this trailer as the Wiki states: “The trailer for this film was pulled from TV due to calls from parents who claimed that it gave their children nightmares. The trailer in question is less than 30 seconds in length. It features Fats reciting the tagline, after which his eyeballs roll into the back of his head. This is followed by a cast reading, then Fats opens his eyes and gazes to his left.”

I admit…that I’ve still yet to watch the movie proper…perhaps this is something I should do for the next Halloween Movie Madness, eh? For Christmas I received the novel the film is based on…something tells me tonight when I start it I’ll not be putting the book down.


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9 thoughts on “Trailer Tuesday: Magic (1978)

  1. tcv says:

    Ooooh yeah. I remember being creeped out by this one. I don’t remember the tag line at all. It was the visuals that did it.

  2. Atari Adventure Square says:

    One of the creepiest trailers, indeed. It would appear on TV between moments of sitcom chuckles and mesmerize me with its sudden pause for a moment of uneasiness.
    I’m glad to learn why it mercifully stopped airing before the end of its movie’s run.

    I wasn’t that creeped out by puppetry until Tourist Trap a few years later (though Lambchop deserves an honorable mention – beyond the veil of cuteness lies a heart of darkness, I’m sure).

    Makes a good double bill with that Chuck Connors movie, or Michael Rennie in Dead Of Night (even better).

  3. Hot Pink Nation says:

    Anybody seen that Mystery Science Theater episode “Devil Doll”? That’s what this movie reminded me of, except this movie is good and has Anthony Hopkins instead of Bryant Halliday

  4. Just got done watching this movie. Was all set to be scared out of my mind.

    I yawned most of my way through, because the movie SUCKED.

    Scariest part of the movie was the trailer.

  5. Interesting, Retro Justin. I’ve still got it in the Queue for the Halloween Movie Madness reviews, I’ll let you know what I think then. :)

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