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So we have another amazing product by a member of the Retroist, a personal experience in prose, by none other than Doug McCoy! We have the digital book cover’s artist, Christopher Tupa to thank for the heads up on Doug’s publication of ANESthetized: My History with the Nintendo Entertainment System. This book is a wonderful read, and if you are visiting this site I bet you will smile at some of Doug’s personal views of the NES and some of its game titles. I chuckled quite a bit especially with the chapter on Castlevania, and agree completely on Konami’s Jackal!

It’s available for purchase from both for the Kindle as well as at Barnes & Noble for the Nook. The price for the book? $1.99 Even better news is that Doug is hard at work on a second volume detailing his experiences with trying to recollect the NES items of his youth. So when you get a moment during the Holidays, download it to the Kindle or Nook and take a walk back down memory lane!


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