The C64 is Coming Back!

This is incredible.
Incredible as in – of course a hack of the C64 case has probably been done multiple times and, of course, you can get the proper legal documents to market such a wonderful marriage of retro ‘puter madness and whizbang modernity.

Also incredible as in – if this were April (or late March) I’d have none of it. You can’t fool me mister. No way.

I wouldn’t embarrass myself submitting a prank article to the retro fan masses so I could be ridiculed for being suckered into wishfully thinking a brillant mod into reality.

What’s next, an Atari VCS Blu-Ray player? (Hmm…)

But anyway, here it is.

The Commodore 64 is coming back in its original shape and color, powered by a mini-ITX PC motherboard with a Dual Core 525 Atom processor.

The final product is still pending.
But it seems official.
Hey Santa! Make it happen!

Sincerely A.A.S.
(who has not made the naughty list in years, not counting that one time with the egg nog)

Atari Adventure Square

Some days you wake up with your trusty sword right next to you.

Other days the keys are locked in the castle.

But the next day is just a reset switch away.

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10 thoughts on “The C64 is Coming Back!

  1. twilitezoner says:

    Depends on the price. The fact that it’s not featured on the page is troubling.

    With that said, it would also be better if it was an Atari computer. :)

  2. I am troubled by these “rebirth” brands, because they lack the core value of the original systems that they represent. I think if you want to focus on bringing back a particular Commodore, you could have more success trying to make a new Amiga.

  3. @twilitezoner
    The fact that they don’t show the price is troubling indeed. The fact that this site has been open nearly a full year and yet no one seems to have bought a system is more troubling though.

    My own view on this is as follows:

    This is wrong and needs to be stopped!

    I know this sounds extreme but that’s how I genuinely feel when I look at this abomination of not only a computer, but the good name it carries.

    While the front looks pleasing enough and resembles the C64. The rest just looks ugly in my opinion, especially that weird little power light. It also looks far thicker than the original C64, which makes me wonder how comfortable this will be to use for extended periods of time. Also with one cooling fan I do worry about the thing cooking it’s self in a cheap plastic case.

    And that’s another thing. It all looks incredibly cheap. A cheaply made case with cheap internals and cheap peripherals. Yet I bet they are going to charge a fortune for the system. Because it will have the Commodore branding on it and the fact that it will be using their supposedly “own” version of Workbench (version 5.0 apparently). Which, judging from the blurb on their freaky little fansite (, is going to be some skinned and re-tooled distribution of Linux.

    Sorry this just makes me feel all dirty and generally yucky inside. The fact that they are using the Commodore, and Amiga for that matter, branding to sell some otherwise cheap tat. They may have Commodore on the outside of the machine but I agree with @Retroist that it will lack the core value, maybe even soul if you will, of the original system.

    If people are interested in trying out Workbench then you could either look at something called AROS, Classic Workbench and even Clanto’s Amiga Forever. Or maybe even picking up a real Amiga, they are cheap enough, with a proper version of Workbench.

  4. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Yeah, I must agree that it is simply not the same.
    This was a knee-jerk glee posting of a neat-o design coming back but, indeed, the components (and experience) aren’t there at all.
    Even though the bottom of the page hints at emulation of the C64 environment, it goes to show how much it’s *not* a C64.
    I’d rather power up my own wonderful yet dusty Commodore than emulate one on a cloned casing.
    But still, if it were cheap enough (and as mentioned, the lack of a price is dubious) it would make a nifty-looking kitchen computer presence.
    I found it while looking to replace my fallen G4, desperate to get a main HQ back and running.
    Indeed found another one that is better and seems to promise the capability to *finally* allow me to digitize my old eroding data.

    Still, sorry to stir up emotions in this time of merriment. I failed to insert proper sarcasm (and pics, how does one do that?) into this info offering.

  5. Knee-Jerk Glee or not…I still think in the very least it looks neat, friend. Thank you for sharing the information with us, man! :)

  6. I am soweeee. I didn’t mean to rant like thats *sniff*

    Sorry A.A.S I didn’t mean to fly off the handle like that. I don’t know what it is about this company but the rational side of my brain gets bypassed and an irrational hatred jumps into full swing. Shoving all reasoning out the window. :(

    I have never felt hatred towards a peice of hardware or company like this. It’s like showing something red infront of a bull.

    However I had a great day anyway because the missus got me a copy of desert strike for the mega drive, Atlantis for the VCS and Hero Quest for the Amiga as Christmas prezzies :D

  7. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Great Imagic title. I especially love the (sorta) tie-in with Cosmic Ark, where you can play Atlantis until your survivors escape in the nifty epilogue of your eventual metropolis’ demise and then defend your craft as it makes it way to better pastures.

    And I truly appreciate your opinions CritAnime and everybody. Having no vested interest in this product, I was curious as to what the heck the deal was with its creation (and felt like a reporter with a scoop – “Hey Mr. Jameson, have I got something for you!”). The fact that the site has been up for so long confirms it’s probably vapor(hard)ware. And since it’s not a collaborative or respectful effort with the Commodore name, it’s for the best.

    But all this talk has given me an Amiga itch.
    Scratchy scratchy.

  8. The Amiga monkey on your back eh? Only one way to cure that, and it’s only through Workbench ;)

    Yeah I like Atlantis. Not as much as Cosmic Ark but i still like it. I have a couple of Imagic games and I havent found a bad one, so far, that I have hated.

    And yes Mr. Sage. Like the Board game :D Will post some piccies when I get a chance on the forum. Also will do a couple of reviews for games.retroist once I get settled from all the Christmas calamity.

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