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Friends, I am happy to report that I’ve received an early PC present under the digital tree this season, in the form of Flea Circus Games downloadable Totally Tiny Arcade! It is a collection of faux 8-bit inspired arcade games at a mythical arcade that has found its machines under attack by a very pesky virus. As Joystick Johnny it is up to you to chase down the villainous virus and put a stop to it by defeating it through three levels of varying arcade titles within twelve minutes, each time you are hit by an enemy in a game you are docked 5 seconds, and finally confronting the virus in a backroom showdown! Which includes an hilarious hanger-on who has an annoying tendency to point out bad guys on the screen, thereby blocking your view with her arm…something any of us lucky enough to grow up in the 80’s arcades should remember!

Playing the games you will find a very large smile on your face like I did, the vibe of the game is very 80’s as it should be, for example if there is another ‘player’ on the machine you want to play for the next round you are allowed to take one of your tokens and place it on the top of the machine to reserve your spot. There are also besides the feel of the games themselves little 80’s bits of flavoring like in the Stoc Man game (A tip of the hat to Pac-Man of course) you’ll notice that some of the stock market prices that border the screen are very familiar…like Turk 182. Any game that makes a Turk 182 reference gets my business! Take a quick look below at a few of the games in montage format, do any of them seem familiar to you?

The creator, or the Ringmaster of Flea Circus Games, Joe Lesko gave us some interesting information about the development of the Totally Tiny Arcade: “It took almost a year of full-time
development, since I did everything except the main music tracks myself.

The original prototype started as a personal challenge to see if I could
make 24 games in 24 hours of development time, as part of a weekend game
jam. Those first minigames were a lot more primitive, but the result was
really interesting to me from a game design perspective, so I decided it
would be worth making into a full game. I grew up in the 8-bit era,
especially with the Bally Astrocade and Commodore 64, so it was really fun
revisiting all those old games from my youth and trying to recapture the
arcade atmosphere.”

I really cannot say just how much fun I’ve had with this title, and Joe has told us that for the Holiday season you may purchase the game at the discounted rate of $9.99! At the end of the game you are allowed to post your score and I’ve gone ahead and created the Retroist scoreboard on the site, so when you rack up your high score make sure to post your initials on it!


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