Tauntaun Commercial

Somewhere in my families photo album is a photo of me with my a prized Tauntaun that I received for Christmas on year. The Tauntaun was great up until a friend would become a stickler for the “rules” and point out how useless the Tauntaun is when it is not snowing out.


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One thought on “Tauntaun Commercial

  1. So many of us had these. I think it was because it wasn’t much more expensive than an action figure.

    The rubber buckle on mine broke in pretty short order, so luke had to ride bareback until I got a snow speeder :)

    The other cheap toys were the mini ships that were never seen in the movie. I recall having one that was dark gray and looked like an AT-ST head with fold-down wings on the side. Fit one figure. There were at least three different ones as I recall.

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