Tron Pop-Up Shop at the Royal/T Café

It’s a wonderful time to be a Tron fan, with the opening of Tron Legacy less than a week away. And, for the most part, the pre-movie marketing blitz has been pretty spectacular. But, with so many trailers, toys, games and events, there are sure to be a couple of duds. While the Tron Pop-Up Shop at the Royal/T café in the Los Angeles isn’t a failure, it wasn’t what I expected either.

The shop definitely has a fun Tron vibe –and it may be worth a visit just to see that. But, if you’re there to shop, you may be disappointed. They have a limited assortment of Tron merchandise, focusing heavily on clothing. Sound good? Well, it may be if you want to drop a few hundred dollars. $800 sunglasses. $700 shoes. $400 necklace. Oh – here’s a pen…for $35. That would make that particular item the deal of the store. The place is classy – but definitely not the type of store where you’d go to find some standard retail Tron fare. And, maybe that’s the point – to make it a bit more exclusive. Just too exclusive for me.

Aside from the cool design, there is one other great reason to visit this place. It’s inside the Royal/T café. They’ve got a great selection of coffees, teas, pastries and even full meals. You don’t have to eat at the café to visit the Tron store, but if you’re there, I’d suggest checking it out. Service was prompt, prices were reasonable, and I had a cupcake that was so good I’m still thinking about it a few days later. I just may have to head back – and maybe by then the Tron stuff will be marked down.

Royal/T Cafe
8910 Washington Boulevard
Culver City, CA 90232-2326
(310) 559-6300


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