The Dukes – The Complete Animated Series on DVD

I do a lot of classic TV watching. So I am always on lookout for a show that I have not seen since it original run. It is hard to surprise me at this point, but I almost fell over when I saw that the Warner Archive was releasing the animated Dukes of Hazzard spinoff, The Dukes. I mean you always hope that s show like this will be rescued from TV oblivion, but it is a rare treat to see it actually happen and I could not be happier.

What you didn’t know this show existed? Well you are in for a treat. Peep this cover and read the show’s synopsis…


In this fondly remembered animated series produced by Hanna-Barbera Studios, Bo, Luke and Daisy Duke take their high-wheelin’ country cruisin’ around the world in a race against Boss Hogg for the family farm. No joshin’ – the Dukes speed through France, Italy, Austria, Greece, England – you name it, the General Lee made tracks there! En route, Boss Hogg pulls the nastiest tricks ever, like blinding the boys with a fog machine, having them kidnapped and tricking them into a jewel heist. Why, that Hogg’s as crooked as a dog’s hind leg! But that won’t stop the Dukes from fighting a fair fight and teaching that cheat a few tricks along the way. Y’all need to catch this 4-Disc, 20-Episode Complete Animated Series Collection from the time the pedal hits the metal all the way to the finish line!

Now if only they had actually made a worldwide race a plat of the live-action show, I think the Dukes could have stretched out for another 4 or 5 seasons. I mean who doesn’t dream of seeing the General Lee zipping through world monuments, horn ablaze, Roscoe and Interpol trailing behind. A great holiday gift for the Dukes fan in your like. Drop by the Warner Archive and pick up your copy today.

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