Retroist Presents: Robocop ABC Premiere

Now back in my youth when I saw that ABC was going to show Robocop on television…I couldn’t fathom how they were going to show this awesome but incredibly violent film. Surprisingly they did a pretty good job on the edits, I personally do not think they hurt the narrative of the film in the least. The great Paul Verhoeven might disagree with me though.


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3 thoughts on “Retroist Presents: Robocop ABC Premiere

  1. Doug says:

    This was the only way I could see Robocop for a long time. I can’t remember when I finally got to watch the unedited version, but I remember watching this repeatedly.

  2. I believe they just did additional scenes for television airing, Dax. Like how in the movie, Emil’s suffering is ended rather explosively by the front of Boddicker’s vehicle, but in the television airing they swerve around him. In fact I think they use Emil in the Robocop television series!

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