Circus Tent Playhouse for 1 Dollar?

I can’t imagine the quality of this tent can be very high for this low price, but as a kid I would have jumped at this. I loved tents and playhouses back then and for 1 buck, the price was right.

circus tent playhouse ad


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3 thoughts on “Circus Tent Playhouse for 1 Dollar?

  1. vinvectrex says:

    I sent off for a few things like this (although not this particular one) and was always disappointed. For example, if I ordered this one, I would have been saddened upon it’s arrival to learn it didn’t come with any structure – just the vinyl walls. And, my family didn’t own any card tables – rendering this effectively useless for me – except as a poncho. I still remember the 100 army men for a dollar. They turned out to be tiny and flat, although technically plastic. Impossible to play with, unlike the green army men you’d naturally think of when ordering. At least these ads taught me to carefully read fine print.

  2. Badwolf says:

    “Large enough for two kids” – must be gigantic. And this isn’t just any plastic – this is DuPont plastic! Flameproof! (Yeah, okay – FYI – plastic is a petro-chemical, and at a dollar, it’s about as “flameproof” as the Sunday Times) A full 10 feet around! That’s 2.5′ feet per side – 30″ per side – doesn’t sound so huge anymore. Kiddies will scream with delight (more like scream in fear at the psychotic clowns dragging them behind the lions’ cage to “have their way” with them).

    All this available from the GIANT BIG TOP CO, NY, NY.

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