1970’s CBS Special Intro

Even though the entire introduction takes just six seconds…there was something magical about seeing it come on the screen when I was a kid. Watching a holiday special was great enough, and this little intro just made it that much better! Sadly, children nowadays have nothing like this to look forward to since networks don’t advertise shows as ‘special’ anymore. And if they did, the family probably has it DVR’d, and it would be fast-forwarded through anyway :(

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5 thoughts on “1970’s CBS Special Intro

  1. vinvectrex says:

    I remember just squirming with anticipation whenever this would roll across the screen. I still find it compelling to this day. You’re right – I’d never watch it today, thanks to the DVR. I wonder what other cool stuff I’m missing?

  2. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Yeah, just hearing that short intro hotwires my retro synapses into joy overload.
    TV watching was about ‘Events’ in those days.
    You sat yourself down for two hours, on the dot, and took in the media goods.
    Have a hard time doing it today. Also twice as many gorram commercial interruptions.

    I remember anticipating for weeks Irwin Allen’s Flood, in the 70s, a made-for-TV disaster flick special playing over two nights. It was on NBC. I actually taped the audio on a couple of tape cassettes and would listen to it later on.

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