The Pink Panther in Pickled Pink

The Pink Panther is an underrated cartoon. I have been watching it every week on a local channel and the timing combined with the music makes for some very entertaining cartoons.


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One thought on “The Pink Panther in Pickled Pink

  1. Atari Adventure Square says:

    The wonderful Pink Panther was a TV staple for our family in the 70s.
    But it was also a big screen entree to fun-filled comedies as well, for us antiquated cinema fans.
    I can remember the applause of delighted moviegoers when the lights went down and the curtains parted, revealing the twinkling animation and familiar Mancini music rising up to the cartoon credits.
    Something about everybody sharing my giddy admiration for the Panther’s wordless, surrealist romps just made my day.
    They played ’em before some Clouseau flicks, naturally, but also before some other comedies (I’m guessing from the same production company).
    In fact, I think I saw some (or some Bugs Bunny) as part of DVD extras in some old-timey releases where they played as part of the theater’s package deal.
    I’m glad that in our futuristic and shiny modern times Pixar picked up that ball for their theatrical releases.

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