Great Scott! We Gotta Save Doc Brown!

Just yesterday evening Game Trailers debuted the exclusive and highly anticipated trailer for the episodic Back to the Future game, by Telltale Games.

It may just be me but I can’t wipe this very large smile off my face after watching the trailer over and over again. As Marty would say, “This is heavy duty, Doc!” There is so much about this trailer for us BTTF fans to love and I have no doubt that the game itself will be up to Telltale Games high standards, so after you are through taking your own time traveling Delorean for a spin, head over to the Telltale Games link up above and pre-order your copy today!


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8 thoughts on “Great Scott! We Gotta Save Doc Brown!

  1. I bought the Ghostbusters game as soon as it came out, for the PS2, yeah, dont have the PS3… Anyhoo, as much as I am a fan of Ghostbusters, I think Back to the Future the video game will go down in history as, oh wait, gimme the mic Taylor…. THE GREATEST GAME OF ALL TIME! Gotta get back in time!

  2. The first Back to the Future was a pretty good movie but to call it one of the finest movie trilogies is a stretch. Regardless does anybody really want a game based on this? Seems like this is out of nowhere and probably just made to help hype the movies being released on Bluray. The movie setting doesn’t lend itself to a good game. Go play the NES game and see how much fun that was.

  3. I am a little nervous about the gameplay myself, but I would not have thought that they could make the Ghostbusters game as good as it was. I will keep my fingers crossed though.

  4. englerp says:

    Trains O Scale: Well, the previous Telltale games were pretty good, especially what concerns traditional Point’n’click-adventures which will also be the genre of the upcoming BTTF-Game. So i’m rather optimistic.

  5. Vinvectrex says:

    Trains – you’ve got a valid point. The list of poorly licensed games must stretch from here to Mars. But, as eglerp said, Telltale’s track record is good indeed – especially with licensed material. I’ve got mine on pre-order – and I’m hoping for the best. Besides – they made it for the Mac, so it’s not like I’ve got a ton of other options anyway! :)

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